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        Why HYPERIER®
HYPERIER is a hyper barrier resin based on Nano-technology.  
         HYPERIER is unique in items of its high barrier performance in
         single layer processing without new investment and additional 
         operation cost in comparison with multi-layer system.

        −Excellent barrier performance to various solvents
        −Single layer-solution with blow molding process
        −Flexibility to tailer performance and cost effective
        −Wide processing range and easy processing international certification obtained

          HYPERIER® System                                                           Permeation results
   Through the processing control, the micro sheet shaped layers              HYPERIER can replace the F2 Coating or multi-layer solution, etc.
          are formed in HDPE or PPmatrix.                                                                      
Permeation levels can be easily controlled by choosing the 
          The HYPERIER layers prevent, or delay, from the permeation                   content of HYPERIER
          of gas or solvent.










HYPERIER® has the superior processability, which can be molded from small bottles to heavy drum as well as fuel tanks.