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About us

Top Vision International Corporation was established in 1994 and specializing in plastic raw materials trading. Our mission is serving as the professional plastic materials agent to customers. We provide co-inquiry, quotation, purchasing, and marketing service and work with customers to create procurement of low-cost raw materials. Also, we provide market price fluctuation information and catch the best purchasing timing in order to create the maximum profits and improve competitiveness of our customers.

Brands Agent

Our company is exclusive in trading of plastic raw materials of agents Sumitomo Chemical. LG Chemical, Asahi Kasei of Japan ,Nippon Steel Corp ,DC Motor and also provide other kinds of  plastic materials. Our website is a free place for reasonable price of plastic raw materials.

Items of business

Plastics for valve:PS、AS、ABS、PMMA、PP、PE、PVC
Engineer plastic:PC、PC/ABS、PC/PBT、POM、PBT、Nylon、K plastic